advice poster UK

'Advice posters' worden aan alle 1e jaars studenten in de United Kingdom uitgedeeld, ter inspiratie van het 1e jaar. Vader en dochter Tolman maakte een poster voor het studiejaar 2013.

Judy Friedberg, production Editor, Education Guardian Online:
"The posters are a great way to pass on advice and offer reassurance (with just a quick glance perhaps) when you need it most. Add in some eye-catching art from a leading illustrator and you have something that students will not only want to keep, but will no doubt go back to again and again."

Mark Sinclair, Deputy Editor:
"My advice poster was the first thing I put up in my new room the day I arrived and I still look at it everyday when I wake up. It's great to know that the person who designed the poster has been through what I am going through now."