de boomhut

A polar bear rides a whale to a tree rising out of the water. At the top of the tree is a tree house. He’s joined by a brown bear in a boat. The bears find that the tree house is the perfect place to read. When the water recedes, they are joined by flamingos, panda bears, and other animals that come by land and air. The tree house is a place of wonder, where a brown bear catches snowflakes in a butterfly net.

Artists Marije Tolman and her father, Ronald Tolman, bring their unique vision to this astonishing wordless picture book, in which each spread is a work of art.

— Ronald Tolman ︎︎︎

‘The Tree House is a wise, clear, even poetic, example of how an established topos of the collective imagination may be revisited with a fresh eye to reveal a continued relevance to modern times. … The book’s message is not declaimed, but is conveyed quietly. It pleads for an enlightened ecological stance in which an intense awareness that we are part of nature does not forego our need for elegance and intellectual enquiry.’
— Jury of the Bologna Ragazzi Award, Italy —

    De Boomhut
Ronald Tolman
Marije Tolman

Spanish, Adriana Hidalgo editora (Argentina)
English, Lemniscaat Ltd. (Great Britain)
Portuguese, Brinque-Book (Brazil)
Arabic, Bloomsbury Qatar
Chinese, Beijing 21st Century
Danish, Turbine Forlaget (Denmark)
French, Milan Jeunesse (France)
German, Ars Edition/Bloomsbury
Iltalian, Il Castello S.R.L.
Japanese, Nishimura (Japan)
Korean, Yeoyoudang Publishing Co. (South-Korea)
Thai, Silkroad Publishers Agency Co., Ltd.
English, Lemniscaat USA LLC (USA)

Silent books, list of honour IBBY, Italy 2013
Bilderbuchpreis Troisdorfer Bilderbuchmuseum, Germany 2011
Bilderbuchpreis Vienna, Austria 2011
Shortlist USBBY, US Outstanding international book list, USA 2011
Shortlist Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, Germany 2011
Shortlist Kinder- en Jeugdjury Vlaanderen, Belgium 2011
Gouden Penseel, Netherlands 2010
Bologna Ragazzi Award, Italy 2010
Shortlist Gouden Uil, Belgium 2010