The books Marije Tolman has illustrated are being sold in more than 25 countries. Proudly presented on the shelves of bookshops in America, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, South-Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Russia, Qatar, Iran, South-Africa and Nepal.

Besides her own wanderings which will inspire new projects, she travels after her own books to different countries. Giving lectures about her books, doing workshops to make characters even more lively and showing exhibitions abroad.

She was invited to join literary festivals and bookfairs, such as the Feria International del libro de Bogotá, Festival Internacional de Literatura Filba en Buenos Aires, Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse in Paris. The Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy is an annual trip.

The journey to Buenos Aires together with her father Ronald Tolman, was a direct inspiration to make the wordless picturebook The book, an ode to reading and the power of imagination.

Foundation Thang is developing and executing children’s books at schools across the country of Nepal, even in remote areas. Marije supports Foundation Thang wholeheartedly and donated the rights of her illustrations from the Nepali edition of Jumping Pinguins. This picturebook was translated in Nepali thanks to Kathalaya Publishers in Nepal and Lemniscaat in the Netherlands. — Foundation Thang ︎︎︎

Foundation ‘Read with Me’ in Iran is a project which its main objective is to make quality books accessible to children who normally don’t have access to books, like street/working children, young adults or those living in remote and deprived areas of Iran. Marije Tolman, Edward van de Vendel and Dutch publisher Querido cooperated selflessly to support the publication of Vosje in Iran. — Foundation ‘Read with Me’ ︎︎︎

For invitations to a literary festival or bookfair outside The Netherlands please contact:
— Dutch Foundation for literature in Amsterdam. ︎︎︎

Bookings in The Netherlands please contact:
— Schrijverscentrale︎︎︎