tussen mees en mol

It is nearly impossible to think of two creatures more different from one another than Titmouse and Mole. Titmouse wants to go forward in life and is happy-go-lucky. Mole likes the ground, is careful, and sometimes sad. Still, they like hanging out, hearing each other speak, and finding comfort together. Sometimes they have trouble understanding each other. Is Mole too pessimistic? Does Titmouse want too much? But they work hard to never really clash. That’s what friendship is all about.

A beautiful philosophical story written by Carli Biessels. Marije Tolman’s debut as a book illustrator twenty years later in a new deluxe edition!

    Tussen Mees en Mol
Carli Biessels
Marije Tolman
Van Goor

Koreaan, Jiyangsa

Graphic design: Marieke Oele